Sally Chupick
Fine Art


(posted on 12 Oct 2021)

October is birthday month. Rooty toot toot!
I cant think of a better way to celebrate than running a 'GIVEAWAY' for my wonderful collectors; yes that's you!   I want to say thank you, so I am giving away this 14x18 inch oil on linen Plein Air painting, titled 'Lilypond At Beaver Lake'.  It was painted in early summer on a little painting adventure not far from where I live.  All you need to do if you'd like me to enter your name in the draw is send me an email at with the subject heading ' YES PLEASE!, and the details of where I should mail it, should you win!  That's it!  Woohoo!  Good luck!

LILYPONDS AT BEAVER LAKE - 14 x 18 x1 inch - oil on linen canvas with painted soft green sides.

Dave and I worked on building a studio space for me at home in July.  In a spare bedroom, the windows face beautiful light streaming in the windows, definitely a nice place to be heading into the darker months.

My studio work is settling down to a gentle simmer.  I'm taking time to work intuitively letting the work evolve organically from a contemplative space.  These multi layered works feature soft colour transitions of shape and line evoking the joy of the journey. You can see the textural layering of creamy whites in the detail shot.  Yes they are a new direction for me, non-representational, and yet they are related to my world and previous ideas.


Ella's Sea Glass(top left) - 36 x 24 inch - oil on linen/cotton canvas

Finding Sea Glass (next to me & detail, right) - 36 x 48 inches - oil on linen/cotton

Thank you to my collectors and hope you win!  I will have my daughter draw the winner on October 21st. I will send you a personal email if you're the winner!  Best of luck!

Happy art trails!