Sally Chupick
Fine Art


(posted on 11 Oct 2020)

I am thankful for so much this Thanksgiving despite distance and the pandemic. And in the wise words of Charles M. Schultz (the creator of 'Peanuts")... "worrying won't stop the bad stuff from happening, it just stops you from enjoying the good." 

I was able to get outside painting several times in September:)  The Japanese anemones were in full bloom near Victoria's Gorge park waterway although smoke lingered in the air from forest fires in the US.  In the end, the haze contributed to the atmosphere and I ended up with an unusually neutral painting, for me.  But I'm embracing it:)

Japanese Anemones - oil on wood - 12 x 9 inches

I thought I'd share these pics of my recent big ones from the studio, resolved in the past couple of weeks.  I like to take my time on large pieces, and they often sit around resting for weeks, even months before I know how to move them forward.  I am no longer in a rush, and enjoy the contemplative practice of painting. I will be adding them to my website when they are fully dry.  


The one on the left is titled: Crossing.  It is 48x36 inches, and inspired by an early morning ferry crossing to the mainland in December last year.  The one on the right is Grace Unfurling, and is 24x48 inches.  This one is inspired by a hollyhock grown from seed in my garden, which grew from a tiny seedling into an 8 foot giant.  I never really know where inspiration is going to come from, but I gratefully accept it when it does.  

When I first opened my little Etsy online shop, Cottage Beach Art, I had no big expectations.  All I knew was that moving from Ontario to BC in 2018 meant I was losing venues that normally showed my small artworks.  I wanted to try doing something that might fill this gap.  So, I spent a while learning how to maneuver this new platform (okay...I spent many long hours) and then little by little, I did see some return.  
Today, I'm really thankful for new collectors from across North America who have found me through Cottage Beach Art.     
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

In artsy gratitude,