Sally Chupick
Fine Art


(posted on 29 Mar 2021)

Hi art friends,

I hope you are well.  Spring is popping up everywhere and that is joyous.  Have you noticed that it's still light after supper these days... a tad exciting? I'm enjoying a walk or a bike ride some evenings, to savour the spring evening light in our neighbourhood.

My art time for the past few weeks has been spread between outdoor painting (usually on Fridays), and studio work. 

There's a few new large paintings added to the website, like this one (click on image to link to it)
36 x 24 inch oil on wood, ALL AROUND ME

and several plein air works like these three which are all 8x10 oil on panel (click on pictures to link to them)


Here's a new one that I'm currently working on, below.  I took it outside for a picture; nearly there I think.

As many of you probably know I paint 'mini's', which are tiny landscapes and moments of joy inspired by daily life here on Vancouver Island.  
A few weeks ago, I had an idea to create a tea towel with printed images of some of my fav's with the purpose of creating a fun & unique gift item for my Etsy shop, CottageBeachArt. 
The tea towels are 55% linen/45% cotton canvas, and are available in two different background colours, khaki & sea foam.  The sea foam one is pictured below.  Click on the picture to link to the product.

Wishing you all a happy spring!

Lots of arty love,