Sally Chupick
Fine Art


(posted on 29 Jul 2020)

I took a run up to Duncan BC (about an hour from Victoria) to deliver 6 new studio works, at the beautiful  AQUAMARIS ART GALLERY this month. Here's me in the gallery in front of 'LOOKOUT'  , a 40 x 30" oil on canvas  inspired by a 'en plein air' outdoor painting experience at King George Terrace in Victoria one evening.  The smaller 8x10" oil panel next to the gallery pic is that inspiration piece.  Click on either image if you want more info about either one.  

I'm thrilled to be represented by this beautiful gallery.  If you find yourself looking for a little arts and culture trip while on Vancouver Island, you will be most welcomed by the lovely gallery staff there.  Aquamaris Art Gallery is upstairs in a trendy updated heritage building... and yum.... there is a bakery and bookshop on the main level; bonus.


me with Lookout - 40 x 30 " 


 Windy Lookout - 10 x 8"

Below is my newest rocks and water landscape.  It's a biggy for me, just barely fitting into my little sunroom studio to work on it.  I worked in layers of oil paint and oil sticks on a new (for me) linen /cotton canvas support.  Inspiration for this one was a tranquil morning walk at this place in late spring. Click on the image for more info.


Arbutus Cove - 36 x 48"


Small paintings and coastal inspirations of different kinds are always available in my Etsy shop, Cottage Beach Art.

I hope you are all well.

artsy hugs (or elbow bumps)