Sally Chupick
Fine Art

Sally Chupick

Artist Statement  

My artwork is for me, a meditative conversation using traditional oils and oil sticks.  My semi abstract works begin as a response to a connection I feel between nature and the inner life.  It is when revering nature, that I have my most expansive thoughts.  My wish to translate this with the visual language of painting combines observation and intuition.  I work in a layered way, adding and subtracting, contemplating and trusting.  It can be a slow process over many sessions or come together easily in a few.  

Ultimately I’m looking for a balance between the aesthetic and the idea, and a tension between abstraction & representation.

Artist Biography

I was born in Nova Scotia, and grew up in Canada & Europe.  I worked in the fashion design industry in my early years, but left the rag trade behind; I loved painting more.  We moved around a lot; painting has always been a grounding thing for me.

I began painting watercolours 30 years ago in England, learning techniques and taking workshops.  I studied oil painting and art history while living in Australia. I began developing my oil paintings about 20 years ago. I've taught art classes, and owned a studio gallery while living in Ontario.  We now call Victoria, BC home.  

Living in Victoria, I split my time between working outdoors 'en plein air' and studio work. The small panels that I paint outdoors often inform my larger studio works.