Sally Chupick
Fine Art

Sally Chupick

" I paint what I want to see, combining emotional elements with design.  I enjoy the physicality of the paint, working alternatively between smooth passages, glazes and lively applications to find harmony. What inspires me? Moments of joy, gratitude for nature, relationships, a passion for design...".

Sally is a Canadian contemporary painter. 

Born in Nova Scotia in 1956, Sally grew up in Canada and Europe, beginning her career in fashion design. She painted  watercolours as a young mother for over 20 years; later studying oil painting and art history while living in Australia for 3 years. That was a huge period of growth.  She currently works primarily in the medium of oil painting.  She now resides in Victoria, BC.

Sally has been an artist for 35 years.  Upon request, she shares what she knows by teaching workshops. Sally was elected to the Society of Canadian Artists in 2009.  

She has completed many private and public commissions for notable organizations such as Parks Canada, Queen's University, the Royal Military College of Canada, and the United States Marine Academy.  She also does many 'property commissions'...paintings of client's homes and estate's.

Sally's work is exhibited in the following galleries: 

Studio 87, Perth, ON

Meraqi Art Annex, Kingston, ON

Kingston Frameworks, Kingston, ON

Little Pumphouse, Gananoque, ON

Xanadu Studios Online Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona




STUDIO 87, Perth, ON.